Wednesday January 26, 2011
Festival of Alternative Arts

The Embassy of Sweden has, in close cooperation with both Jordanian and international partners, taken the initiative to organise a “Festival of Alternative Arts”, from December 2010 to February 2011.

The “Festival of Alternative Arts”, includes the exhibition “Gaza Graffiti”, which will open on 26 January 2011, at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.

Inspired by the “Gaza Graffiti” exhibition different organisations and institutions have joined forces to celebrate urban art in Jordan, to encourage alternative forms of expression and to launch a debate amongst artists and citizens about the nature of art and its accessibility to a wider audience.

This Festival creates an opportunity to showcase and discuss graffiti and other urban alternative art expressions. It aims at contributing to broadening the concept of art as a diverse form of expression, but also hopes to attract and stimulate an interest in urban art - in its different representations - among the large young population in Jordan.

The festival comes in partnership with among others Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Royal Film Commission, Children’s Museum, Al-Balad Theatre, Hamzet Wasel, UNRWA, Danish Embassy/Programme Office, Books@café, Jacaranda Images, Nabad Art Gallery, Philadelphia Skateboards, Turntables in the camps, Ikbis and a number of independent artists.

The festival has been possible to realise thanks to support from Mahmoudia Motors / Volvo, Imagine Technologies, ?nska Interaktiva Medier, and Freddy for Music.