Sunday March 25, 2012
Danilo Rea - Jazz Concert

The Italian Embassy presents Danilo Rea, Italian Piano - Tales, Jazz Concert.
featuring a selection of most celebrated Italian melodies.

Danilo Rea presents a piano solo concert featuring a refined selection of melodies that represent - from the Nineteenth Centuary up to our days - some of the most celebrated hits of Italian and international music.

Following one to each other, in a unique suggestive thread, the themes to be preformed include pieces by ewnown opera composers, soundtracks written by the Oscar Awarded Ennio Morricone and poetic songs of the most popular Italian songwriters in the 60's and 70's, such as Domernico Modugno, Gino Paoli, Luigi Tenco and Fabrizio De Andre.

Taking inspiration from these masterpieces, Rea's originality consists in the jazz overtone that lies behind.

The jazz genius of Rea enriches these melodies focusing on the sounds only. The words are left apart but their poetic impact is still effective by virtue of his hands.
The result is an absorbing and exciting show.