Monday December 03, 2012
Media Me Forum 2012

Following the success of the mediaME Forum in 2010 & 2011, it is mediaME’s pleasure to announce that the mediaME Forum:2012 will be held on December 3rd and 4th at Grand Hyatt Amman. The event brings together stakeholders from traditional and digital media industries to meet, gain knowledge and discuss the digital media future of the Levant region.

The digital media market is evolving in the Levant countries (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine), but there is still a lack of sufficient awareness among clients, agencies and media owners.
Consumers however are adopting the Internet at exponential rates, coupled with massive mobile penetration.

According to Ipsos, total monitored advertising expenditure in 2011 for the Levant countries was $1.9 billion, without including digital advertising.
Such a substantial amount of expenditure represents an excellent opportunity for digital media to obtain its fair share and grow exponentially in 2012 any beyond.

Among attendees, there will be a minimum of 100 clients (advertising decision makers) who shall be invited at the expense of the organizer (through complimentary delegate registrations), and 50 advertising agency / media buying staff members also invited at the expense of the organizer. These will represent top clients and agencies from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Palestine.

As was the case in years before, the mediaME Forum:2012 will be a bridge between the Gulf and the Levant digital media markets, as we tap into the progress made in digital media expenditure in the GCC, the lessons learned and how it influences our region as we host several top industry speakers from across the Middle East.