Thursday June 27, 2013
Maryam Saleh | Al Balad Music Festival

Maryam Saleh is an independent Egyptian musician, raised to the world of music by her father, playwright and director “Saleh Saad”, and the revolutionary Egyptian musician and singer “Shaikh Imam”. She started her musical journey at the age of 7, and by the time she came of age she performed with many musical groups such as “Sada”, “Mazboot”, “Jawaz Safar”, “Shaikh Zain” group, “Habayebna” and “Baraka”, among others. She also sang and acted in several movies such as “Ein Shams”. Maryam worked and toured in many Arab and European countries as part of diverse regional musical projects including her tour with Lebanese musician “Zeid Hamdan”.

Maryam launched her first album in May 2012 entitled “Mish Baghanni” (I am not singing), an Eka3 production, and she’s currently working on her second album to be launched in the summer of 2013. Saleh sings the concerns of the Arab and Egyptian people in the street, and the angst of every young woman. She sings the renowned Sheikkh Imam songs with great passion and feeling, and when she founded “Baraka” group she mixed her oriental voice with rock music and has come to represent in her style Egyptian Rock music par excellence.

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