Saturday June 29, 2013
Ahat Band - Al Balad Music Festival

Four young musicians: Yasser Haddad, Ali Zubeidi, Tareq al Badawi and Mira Ersheid came together in 2008 to form Ahat band with its own artistic and intellectual outlook that became the basis for their exploration of the diverse areas of interest for Arab youth today that they then put into lyrics and music. They found in Rap music a free and open space for them to express their youthful Arab concerns and life events. They performed in local and Arab festivals and in 2011 they received the title of “best Arab rap group in the Middle East” through a poll conducted by the International office of Arab arts in Dubai.

Their most recent musical project is entitled “Sabra and Shatilla” and it reflects on the Palestinian cause in music fusing hip hop, blues, Jazz, classic, and rock, among others. They are joined by several renowned musicians from the Arab world in this project, and the first song “Sar fi Nass” has already been produced in collaboration with Tunisian artist Badiaa Bouhrizi.

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