Saturday January 26, 2019
Karim's Journey

Piano Recital by Karim Said including works by Bach and Chopin followed by a Film Screening of 'Karim's Journey' Documentary (Allegro Films/BBC 2008)

Stay tuned, tickets will be available soon.

'The film traces the development of an exceptional musical talent from childhood to the beginnings of maturity.

This is another of our films with young musicians unknown to the general public at the time of filming but destined to become known world-wide in time. Our subject is Karim Said, whom we followed from the age of 11 to the age of 18 in six different countries.

Karim Said was born in Amman where he studied percussion with his father and the piano with Agnes Victorovna (alumna of the Gnessin School, Moscow). He has been applauded by established musicians and juries in several countries and already won nine international prizes.

His distinguishing characteristics are his naturalness, both in his music and in his personality, his humour, his intelligence and a total lack of pretence but, above and beyond these things, it is the way in which his music gets through to his audiences and touches people, that sets him apart.

Our film seeks to capture all of these qualities and to watch his youthful progress in a story with which a great many people will be able to identify.

Among Karim's many achievements the film tells the story of the formation of his own volunteer orchestra, within the Purcell School, with which he gave a public concert in May 2003, to raise money for the school library. He conducted Beethoven's seventh symphony, entirely from memory. At 14 he was younger than all of his orchestral players.

Karim Said is a lively fellow with a very endearing gift - a gift that shines through his music rather than through show. He is a true musician similar in some ways to Edwin Fischer or to Karim's mentor, Daniel Barenboim.

The film has been shown on television by the BBC and in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Estonia and in the Barbican Centre in London.'