Wednesday April 03, 2019
Artificial Intelligence Summit

The Artificial Intelligence Summit will take place on 03 April 2019 in Amman, Jordan under the theme of “Building the intelligent company” will focus on (how & why) to build companies that harness the potential of AI. The Summit will bring together leading thinkers, innovators, business leaders and disruptive entrepreneurs to share their insights and strategies for successfully embracing artificial intelligence to build a truly intelligent company. The summit will discuss the following where is AI poised to make the biggest impact? Can it create significant value, or will it undermine existing business models and place jobs at risk? And what will the future look like in the presence of true artificial intelligence?

The event is an opportunity for attendees to “educate themselves about the artificial intelligence and what companies need to do to make the most of this AI revolution?.” What exactly can data help anticipate and how is this affecting enterprises' bottom lines?