Friday December 13, 2019
The100 6th Annual Cycling Challenge

Mark your calendars for the biggest CYCLING CHALLENGE in the region!


An annual cycling challenge that was launched in January 2015, attracting cyclists from all levels, ages, and nationalities.

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, organized by BOOST and Cycling Jordan,
THE100 Cycling Challenge aims to encourage the growth of cycling, promote healthy lifestyle choices, support local tourism and give back to the local community.
THE100 Annual Cycling Challenge is unique in how it brings together sports, tourism, and charity in one event; appealing to people of all levels, ages, and both genders, who are interested in cycling, outdoor activities, and giving back to the community.
THE100 challenge takes the cyclists on a 100 km path through one of the most spiritual and archaeologically rich locations in the world; it kicks off from the spiritual 2000 year old Baptism Site of Jesus Christ and ends at the Museum at the Lowest Place on in Ghour Al Safi, next to Prophet Lot's Cave site.
*20% of the event's proceeds will go to support athletes in Jordan.