Friday June 28, 2013
Tania Saleh | Al Balad Music Festival

Tania Saleh is a Lebanese singer/songwriter who has been paving her own path in the Arabic underground musical scene since 1990. Her voice is wise and true, a soft mix between the traditional Arabic music she was raised on and the western sounds she chose to follow. She writes about the daily worries of a troubled society, of love and hate and what’s in between. Her music follows the rhythm of her daily life and mirrors her changing mood, creating a boiling pot of tunes, feelings and love for innovation. Her visual style also helped to create a unique artistic image that made her stand out from the Arabic commercial musical scene.

She performed live in various venues of the world including DRM Beirut, Byblos International Festival, The Opera House in Cairo, The Roxy (Los Angeles), Arlington World Music Festival (Washington, D.C.) and the Red Zone Festival in Oslo, Norway. She is currently working on her third studio album, and will be performing a mix of old and new songs at the Al Balad music festival 2013.

She is currently working on her third studio album to be performed live for the first time in May 26, 2013 at the Samir Kassir Foundation Spring Festival in Beirut.

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